Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Music therapy topics and more...

With the site almost, almost, almost ready  - to be functional - I am excited to think about the direction of my blog posts. This is all making me think of research topics I've explored over the years, many presentation topics I have presented on, music therapy patient interactions I have been a part of, etc. All of which translates to me thinking of so many blog topics that I can and will speak about. They will be music therapy/health and wellness oriented.

So, as I've said recently, thoughts of so many experiences since I was a kid are coming to fruition. They include playing drums when I was very young, learning guitar, music in college, playing professionally, learning computer (music) sequencing and recording, music therapy experiences, speaking engagements, etc..... I'm having fun putting all of these learned skills and experiences to work with the products and services offered on musicfromthestart.com.

How music affects learning will be my first topic... I'll explain soon!!!

My first prescription???   Go to a concert!

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