Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Why LIVE Music (for music therapy)??? part 9

Thanks for visiting musicfromthestart.com topics and conversations. Here I want to address music therapy issues and concepts as they relate to education, health and wellness.

This is part nine of my blog posts where I describe music therapy interactions I've had that are indicative of why music is so healing, meaningful, enriching and sometimes life changing!

This post describes a music therapy session with an 18 yr old young man who is trying to regain speech, walking and all other motor control. His condition stems from progressive neurological complications after the flu, fairly unusual and very sad.
Some of my music therapy goals and objectives include stimulating and supporting vocalizations and speech with music cues (of his favorite, familiar music), stimulating and supporting gross and fine motor function, again, by utilizing favorite, familiar music.

Today, as his mom assisted with physical and vocal prompts I found myself constantly having to play the songs as slow as I needed to - as to let the young man be able to accurately succeed with his prescribed vocalizations and/or movements. Also, I always diverted from the actual (recorded) form of the song, e.g., if a song had most of the goal areas in the chorus I would start with the chorus and repeat it more often than other parts of the recording, etc.

So, "Why live music (for music therapy)??"... because live music can be precisely tailored to fit the needs of the client allow for the most success (in a music therapy situation). And remember, PREFERRED music has the most potential for familiarity.

Also, I want to let everyone know that my new site: musicfromthestart.com, still very new, is in the process of producing more offerings. Right now there are three offerings, i.e., two music albums available, David's Basics in Education and Lyrical Imagery and one educational lecture titled The Purposeful Use of Music From Pregnancy Through Toddlerhood (including Labor and Delivery). The second album, Lyrical Imagery, and the childbirth lecture are a free download for a limited time.
As a reminder the main thrust of the music therapy/childbirth lecture is to support moms (and dads) as they put together their own music listening playlists or CDs to support rhythmic breathing, act as a positive diversion from pain and stress, etc., to be used during labor and delivery.
Also, I'm looking forward to recording my second music album this spring or summer. This is music for child development, autism and special needs. As a reminder, one song, “High 5,” from David's Basics in Education (music album #1) is still a free download for a limited time.

In upcoming posts I will continue with other music therapy/health and wellness related blog posts.

My prescription this week??? Again, choose some favorite music to listen to (with no distractions) and chill...
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